The thing to do to instigate Real Life Changes

Just Cuss Yourself

(contains a profanity)

It comes, as something of a wrench to walk away from what is comfortable. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe, next week looks better. Well, maybe.

Nowadays, tremendous amounts of information are readily available and, after the initial piece, offering the panacea you want for $99.99. Advise to the rest of us put into a numbered list of three, five, seven habits of, things to do……..

Do we need endless lists? Look inside yourself and feel out how you learn. Reading lists and streams of good advice will probably not be the thing to stimulate change for you. Look at your learning style, sense out how you ingest knowledge.

Knowing yourself is the imperative, the start of anything worthwhile. How can one change if one does not know how to change?

What to change, develop, throw away? Even the best-written list is static, Dr Benjamin Hardy is fantastic to read and he is the first to acknowledge his influence has limitations. Reading it will have salved our consciousness. Now move on. Or more likely return to the same behaviours causing frustrations.

So what to do?

Make a list. Only partly joking as writing is an act lifting us from the passive reader to an active engager.

But, what is one piece of advice to throw out there on to the social media platforms?

Circumstances so often dictate the need to do something different. So make circumstances cause you to change. Once doing something different, then new patterns emerge.

So what to do?

The tip to tip the tipping point?

Lose your temper and say ‘F – – k it!’

You will be surprised who reacts and how they react. Including you, within yourself.

Say it out loud if the company permits. Remember you need to offend a few people to cause you to act. You are looking to shock those who influence you as well as your internal drivers.

Say it. Say it loud.

Do it. Have some adrenalin pump inside you. Use the energy positively causing you to do things necessary to change. Affirmative action. Cut off the backsliding and endless compromising, superficial apologies endless backstabbing.

When you feel the frustrations, when you know there is something better, just say;-

– uck It! I’m off to something better.