Personal Growth and Development: Always Open to Learning

When the going gets tough, the wise are open to learning

Admitting you do not know is not weakness. It is the honesty growth is founded on

 By being in places where conflict and complexity are bywords for everyday living, I have come to learn the value for mental and physical wellbeing. Ask me in to support you in gaining from life skills in the workplace 

Living and learning


Social malaise and new age of inclusion

Gin, Religion and Social Media as the Opium of the Masses  Societal malaise and challenges in new age of inclusion?  Interestingly, two quotes stand out and then refer us back to many, many, more things said and often lost in pretentious rhetoric  From...

Selfishness and Nairobi Traffic

We live, again, in times where we are expected to achieve for ourselves. But where is the reciprocity to make things better in an age of communal existence? The rains have continued; the heaviest in recorded history so put this in perspective:- the rains are heavy,...

Radical and Extremism

The New Zealand atrocity, following on the Kenyan attacks in January, highlight how we, all of us, continue to witness extremist violent actions. Sadly we now have another 50 dead atop of all the others directly and indirectly murdered in this or that cause. Add in...