Personal Growth and Development: Always Open to Learning

When the going gets tough, the wise are open to learning

Admitting you do not know is not weakness. It is the honesty growth is founded on

 By being in places where conflict and complexity are bywords for everyday living, I have come to learn the value for mental and physical wellbeing. Ask me in to support you in gaining from life skills in the workplace 

Living and learning


Virtually All of Us will Lead

Virtually All of Us will Lead Right circumstances? All of us can, must, become leaders Crook 2018 Built on the quality input of Henley Management School Cohort 1997 There is tremendous hyperbole generated regarding leadership as we hear of panacea solutions to make us...

The Thing to Do

The thing to do to instigate Real Life Changes Just Cuss Yourself (contains a profanity) It comes, as something of a wrench to walk away from what is comfortable. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe, next week looks better. Well, maybe. Nowadays, tremendous amounts of information...

The Smell of Crime and carrying a Killer Runga

Hakuna Matata? The Smell of Crime when carrying a Killer Rungu Early this morning, shaken awake by noise from downstairs bringing me back from the Land of Nod where sweet dreams had not been forthcoming, I went downstairs with trepidation; as I had the last two...

Solutions or Product?

Shelly Palmer – Middle Management Errors Vendors Love Great set of lessons along the age old line of finding solutions rather than buying product. On specifications, I returned to Africa to work in the Rwanda Genocide crisis of 1994, millions of people displaced...