Do You want to develop: Professionally?
As a Socially active Person?
A Purposeful Organisation?

Need fresh motivation?  

Encouragement in finding meaning and purpose with work? 

Structure to look at what next?

Then why not tap in to experience borne of working in complex, fast moving and often dangerous situations. Most importantly, situations where lives depend on decisions and leadership.  Where trust in your own skills is key to your confidence. Trust in the people in your team is critical to working positively and reducing the negatives of stress watching your back.  

Better to have strategic foresight and the organisational set-up to be ahead of the crises in a World where complexity is the operational norm. Engage with me to increase your understanding of working in complexity. As a result you will be able to turn it to your advantage and organisation’s improvement.

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Work, Life and Learning

Charles Handy’s points of having at least 3 careers lives well with me. Firstly, running and supporting small businesses. After this, using my skills as a humanitarian aid worker learning from people in very different circumstances. This led to diplomatic leadership work causing me to think further and return to roots. As a result, I am now committed to strengthening purposeful organisations supporting quality people. 

You take forward living meaningfully drawing on my knowledge, skills and experience set out in the 3 pillars here. My work, life and learning will work for you, and your teams, because I am always willing to work with Quality People and Quality Organisations.


 My own, personal, experiences have changed the manner we will engage professionally. This is because you will be drawing strength from my experience. 


My work has influenced how I have lived life. and developed my learning. A driver in life is improving how to use energy and enthusiasm. How we all learn from life’s experiences. That is to say – Up to us to use learning to positive benefit. 


Academic work is the basis of my organisational knowledge. For instance, it feeds back to the analysis of personal experience and forward in to using this knowledge and experience. In sum – how are you using your energy in balancing learning, life and work?

Separating out and bringing back together all the elements of living. This is to say the personal experiences, the learning and practical work are reflected in how we all experience, develop and grow. 

My own, personal, experiences have changed the manner I engage professionally. As a result, further professional work has influenced how I have learned. Subsequently, learning has fed back to the analysis of personal experiences. Lastly, personal experiences feeds working and learning and so the living builds positively. 

It is a learning process covering 40 years of work, life and learning and now made available for you and your business. 

Above all else, I gain my motivation, my energy, from working with quality people and organisations. 

I am here for you and your organisation.  

Development of Organizations and Programmes

Having worked in small business, multinationals and across the public and private sector, I offer fresh perspectives on development processes. 

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